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Water + Air Podcast

Parul Patel

The Water + Air Podcast focuses on the ordinary that powers the extraordinary in the nuanced realities of the legal profession. It offers valuable, often overlooked, insights that form strong foundations for sustainable success in this fast-paced sector. Parul Patel shares her world-class experience, mindset, strategies, tactics, and technical know-how developed from advising some of the world’s most influential and innovative brands like Nike, Speedo, Uniqlo, and Bird & Bird. Her aim is to help lawyers ditch high exhaustion and enable their hard work to work harder and smarter for them, their teams and their stakeholders. Tune in every Wednesday to learn how to unlock the ordinary that powers the extraordinary. Water and air are a perfect combination, bringing balance to feelings and thoughts. These magnificent elements create crystals and clouds which ignite electricity and lightning. Whether you are a legal practitioner with over 30 years' experience, a teenager inspired by Silk, a client, a recruiter or other legal department supplier, follow the Water + Air Podcast, The Ordinary That Powers The Extraordinary to discover how to raise the bar and achieve sustainable success in law. Subscribe and get weekly updates.
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